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Parent's name : Mamta K Thakur
Child's name : Akshat K Thakur
Class : Nursery B
Comments : I was worried about how my kid will be at school but after a week I am very much confident that he will settle and that is becouse of Ip Kidz team work the way each and every member contribute,the patience the have.... Thank alot Regards Mamta 



Comments By Tushar and Arpita Porel Play Group

Parent,s Name :

Tushar and Arpita Porel



Child's Name :

Tiyasha Porel

Class :

Play Group

Comments :

we r very very happy,cause my daughter r very comfortable with teachers,she loves to go to school,what else parent can expect in this age of child.....we are really thankfull to IP KIDZ PLACE


Parent's name : Mrs. Sampada S. Dalvi
Child's name : Mukta
Class : Nur-B
Comments : On 23rd u organised parents day its good. we come to know how teachers teach students and how they encouraged the students to do the activities freely, enjoyfully and learn with joyfully. its very good.



Parent's name : Vinayak Chaudhari
Child's name : Vinit Chaudhari
Class : PG
Comments : We are very Happy & satisfied as Vinit\'s progress is very remarkable & improved in Nov 2009. Thanks a lot.


Parent's name : Shashi Saxena
Child's name : Raine Saxena
Class : Sr. KG
Comments : Dear Mam, I want to say that my daughter has learnt a lots of thing which usually the school are not doing. She is well prepare of Class -I on2Fspan>

Parent of Ananya Pujari ( Nur ) 


I - Intelligence

P - Plus

K - Knowledge

P - Perfection  i. e I P K P

Parent of Ishpreet Chhabra ( PLY )


It was a really fantastic programme , we are thankful to all teachers for making Harsh so confident.

Parent of Harsh Malik ( PLY )


The programme , function was really very very gracious , sweet & knowledge enhancing about your school activities .... & we were pleasantly srprised . The school is very advanced & educative at this stage.We are really satisfied.

Parent Arpita Rajapkar  ( Nur )


Mam , your arrangement for the school was very very good & we are satisfied by your training to our child & we wish that you get more progress in further life .

Parent Krishi Mehta ( Ply )


I feel proud that my child is a part of I P Kidz Place .

Parent of Ananya Das ( Ply )


This kind of programmes are always encouraging our child's personality & develop them. We are happy that our child is in I P Kidz Place.

Parent of Krishna Das ( Ply )


An effort made was appreciating & congratulations to all the staff members who are directly & indirectly involved.

Parent Praneet Bane ( Nur )


Dear Radhika ,

Excellent effort with a pure intention has payedoff ! Too good ! Fantabulous !

Keep it up   !!!!

Parent of   Arshi / Asfi / Asmi


Thanks Teachers for watering the Plant which is going to be a Tree !

Parent of Vinnit Dadyala ( Nur )



for putting the chilodren sdo early on stage specially at this stage when they have now started to accept the school environment. This effort on your part will enhance the child's confidence tremendously . Thanking u all for calling the  parents  to come & see our child perform on stage for the 1st time.

Parent of Ditya Goradia ( Ply )


We all thank IP Kidz Place each member for building the confidence in our children.

Parent of Liesha Naik ( Ply )


We are very glad to see the improvement of our child. All our good wishes to IP Kidz Place.

Parent of Saumya Trivedi ( Ply )


Thanks I P Kidz school I am really happy & proud that mky daughter is so good at her studies , its all bcoz of u all .

Parent Christina Bosco ( Nur )


Hi teachers !

1st of all I want to congratulate for the good exposure to opur children , which is very unique & innovative , now I must say u have proved that your school os with a difference in which u all are so involved. Please please  keep  up all the good work .

Parent of Sarah Yusuf ( Nur )



Congratulations for the acheivement of interacting with parents in this convenient way.

Keep it up



Sultana Parveen ( Sr. Kg Parent )


Parent's name : Farida Muradali khetani
Email Id : Mahek khetani
Child's name : Mahek
Class : Jrkg A
Comments : I am very thankful to ipkidz place to make my child so intelligent I was very happy to see my daughter on stage for the first time while dancing my daughter loves to go school.


Parent's name : Pranav Vyas
Email Id : pranav@mpcl.in
Child's name : Pal Vyas
Class : Nur - B
Comments : We humbly thank IPKIDZ family for constant support and opportunity for my Daughter to explore her positive caliber and overcome her weakness. Our Special Thanks to Trupti teacher for providing time and time guidance to my Daughter and leading her to correct path which will lead to success in future. And nevertheless our tons and tons of thanks to Radhika madam for all innovative initiatives which are playing role of Architect and these initiatives are articulating plan of bright future for my daughter. Sincerely Thanking you Pranav Vyas (Parent of PAL VYAS).



Parent's name : Trishna Mittal
Email Id : trishna.mittal@yahoo.in
Child's name : Manan Mittal
Class : Jr.Kg B
Comments : Really appreciate the efforts taken by all of you in grooming up the child to get the best of it and be successful in future, also the efforts put in by each one of you all is remarkable. i thank god to give me the right decision to choose a school like this for my child.Thanks to you all.


Dear Mr.Chetan/Ms. Radhika,

Just thought that I would share some feedback about the school.

Daughter's name: Ria Ghude

Parents : Dr. Anita Ghude & Harshad Ghude
Jr. Kg: B
An absorbing environment provided to augment the growth of children by going that extra mile.
We humbly thank & appreciate your efforts for the ongoing support & opportunities provided to our daughter Ria to explore her talent & overcome her weaknesses. Great innovative methods in teaching coherent to the betterment of future of Ria & hundreds like her thus striving towards building a greater nation.
Anita & Harshad Ghude


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