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Ensuring the best for the child is every parent's dream.

It is a dream that we at IP KIDZ PLACE strive with all our energy to achieve. Equipped with the best equipments, trained staff, beautiful home like atmosphere and welfare of the child at heart, this play school makes a promise of being different from the average place where a child gets its first taste of education, as the first three years are most critical for the development of child's brain. Whatsoever is learnt at this age gets so deeply embedded in him that it becomes difficult to change it later on. It is therefore the duty of  adults to provide rich experiences to the child and help him develop habits, a proper attitude and a questioning mind.

We strongly believe that children need to have a strong spiritual base in order to find their place in today's fast paced, materialistic world. To feed this need, our teachers encourage awareness of Godliness, empathy, sacrifice & respect for elders. In our teaching, we seek to actively engage the whole child, "placing equal emphasis to teaching the head, the heart and the hand" of every student, to capture the true meaning of the word  EDUCATION.  Our Philosophy is to prepare children by teaching them traditional strong values as well as academic  skills. The week is rhythmically structured to include story telling, puppetry, creative play, computer literacy, cultural and fitness programmes games as well as Art & Craft  which form  an integral part of our curriculum.

Our outstanding programs will help your child's total cognitive, physical as well as psychological development. IP KIDZ PLACE provides a warm and a secure environment to facilitate natural learning process. we believe that a child should be educated academically by stimulation and excitement. Their freedom of self-expression discipline & wholeness of life should be enhanced. We believe  "children learn when they love to learn"  which is why our teachers weave into every lesson. This creativity then becomes the base  for their more academic years of high school.

Parents  will be provided a password to login and know the Monthly school Plan , Syllabus & also their child's monthly Evaluations ( progress & activities ) at IP KIDZ PLACE.

Mrs. R. C. Malhotra




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