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IPKP Teacher's Training Division

BLOCKS PLAY - Here we initiate  concept learning by match making, sorting and classifying different objects. Children learn to identify different shapes and colors. They enjoy building blocks, sequencing size wise.

Art & Craft Activities- Help to develop eye hand co-ordination and fine muscles. It encourages creativity and imagination by  channelizing the child's natural instincts to experiment and innovate. It helps in independent thinking and self expression.

Multimedia & Science Corner- This is a journey to the world of fun learning, it covers almost everything for a child's growth. these activities trigger child's brain, polishes their memory, improves eye-hand co-ordination, Audio visual aids are used to make learning interesting and enjoyable.

Music & Movement - This is a informal way of teaching through action songs and rymes. It helps develop their gross motor skills and phonic clarity.
Stage Shows- Here we try to build each child's self confidence. It helps in memory enhancement.

Sand Pit- Helps to bring out pent-up emotions of the child. as it is said "sand means GOLD to a child".

Splash Pool- Children love water play, while enjoying and having fun this is the best way of learning  the basics of science by experimenting.

Ball Pool- Enjoy & have fun

Story telling & Puppetry- This is a play way method where interest in various subjects is awakened through stories with morals. This helps in developing language & social skills of each child.

Educational Visits- To make children aware of their environment.

Play Areas- In our rich, stimulating friendly environment children come together to progressively become more independent. They learn to be friendly, sharing and be kind to each other, improving their social and language skills. Our well equipped out-door as well as in-door game areas helps develop larger muscles of the body.
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